Motorcycle Tour

Riding a motorcycle is your stress buster, favoured weekend activity, your life! You can now add vacation ride to that list by combining your passion with travel on our Motorcycle Tour of Ladakh.

Before you meet your beloved ride, we introduce you to India through its capital city Delhi. Learn about its historic past as you walk through the charming lanes of old Delhi, and witness the contrasting modernization of the new city.

The following day proceed towards your riding terrain as you travel to Simla. This charming little summer capital of the British Raj is the setting for your first date with your Royal Enfield motorcycle. After a short introductory session, she is all yours!

From here on it is pure adrenaline and sheer beauty. Our carefully mapped route takes you through the most scenic and exciting terrain the region has to offer. Ride on narrow winding roads with hair-raising gorges, through dense forests and along the fierce river Sutlej. Halt at quaint villages along the way to enjoy stunning views of snow clad peaks, walk through apple orchards, or dip your feet in a river.

After we thoroughly examine your motorcycle, the next part of the journey unravels: higher, sparser and more remote, but exponential in beauty. High altitude lakes, challenging water crossings, enchanting valleys, melted and spiritual monasteries stud your path along the way.

The living arrangements compliment the adventure, with quaint hotels, tented camps and makeshift campsites providing shelter during the night.

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